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Brockhurst Infant School

Avery Lane



PO12 4SR

Tel 02392580471


Headteacher: Gary Nicholls





Head teacher's Blog : Tues 19th May 2015


The year 2 learning hunt was brilliant today. Great castles and catapults!


Year 1's hunt is tomorrow - the beanstalks are growing before our very eyes.


Update - The visitor who was promoting the Gosport Golden Mile had to postpone his visit.  More information shortly.


On Monday, Ros came back and answered the children's questions to do with Buddhism, from her visit last term. We heard how monks are reciprocal.


Year R's trip is this Friday.


And so is the disco!


Football club on Tues and Weds still has spaces available - same for Friday's tennis club.

Can you make a date to come to the school fair on Sat 13th June from 1pm ?











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